Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

I Hate Listening Test More

Hey. I wanna tell something… well, it’s not important tough, it’s just my silly story.

I’ve written here that I hate reading test. Well, it really really sucks.

But then when I did Final Test yesterday, I realized one thing: I hate listening test more than reading test. Why? The speakers are all mumbling, and the cassette is kinda bad, too. I only could catch a few words, and those words were not important enough to fill the blanks, or to choose in the multiple-choice questions.

And unluckily, I sat in the corner—the worst place ever for listening test. I didn’t know that at that time the test would be Use of English and Listening. I thought that I would be Use of English test and Writing, or something else except Listening test. And easily I chose the chair in the corner. What a silly choice!! Argh!

So, you’d better choose the closest chair with the radio tape. For me: the closest you sit, the higher points you get!


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