Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

Messier Galaxi

Hi, there! Hello again!

Haha. Like usual, this is just another random post... I don't know what to write, so I upload—emm, kinda like a logo but more like a badge… Well, it's up to you to decide what it is like—this :

~ Messier Galaxi ~
What is GALAXI ?

Galaxi : Galan XI (Galan stands for 'Tiga Sembilan' or 39 (three-nine) SHS - my shs - and XI is my class)
Other classes have their own names, so we made it too. And, guess who made it? (If I'm not mistaken -I will edit it if it's wrong)
It was... *jrengjreng* Prima Annuriansyah! One of the funny people in my class.

About Messier... well, I still don't know (exactly I forget) what "Messier" stands for. So I will edit this if I know. Hey, now I know what MESSIER stands for and its meaning!

MESSIER : Mixed El Mejor Satqis Shume Idioma Epistim Ridere
Artinya: "Mixed, the best from variety language of science with fun".
Kalau mau dipecah lagi : 
Mixed : bergabung 
El Mejor : terbaik 
Satqis : berbeda
Shume : prinsip
Idioma : bahasa
Epistim : science
Ridere : kesenangan satu

Nah, one day, I saw my big brother made a logo for his school, 58 SHS. And it was kinda cool, I think. So I asked him to make a logo for my class - GalaXI. And he made it!

I really like it!
Thank you so much big brother :D
(even the name has already changed... well, it's still MessierGALAXI rite?)


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