Kamis, 19 Mei 2011


I am bored. Don’t know why.

Bored with school. Bored with life. Don’t know why.

This week I’m having holiday (not really holiday, I still had to come to school on Wednesday –for nothing- (*ups) and Thursday, to collect my homework) and it is so *krik-krik*. Don’t have any activities out from school task.
Well, I did work with my friends to edit our documentary project, and I went to Nadia’s house on Tuesday and Lia’s house on Thursday; but still, it was for school task too right? So, I didn’t do anything out from school task, that’s what I mean...

And I-am-bored. Although I’ve already borrowed 3 thick novels from Lia, although I still have to continue editing that documentary project, although I will have Easter Party tomorrow on Friday, I am still bored. Don’t know why.

When I thought that I would come to school like usual starting from next Monday, oh my... Believe me, that was the worst thing-to-think-about-when-you-are-having-holiday.

What do I have to do then? No-thing. I have to continue editing documentary project—when its deadline is on the June 3rd—and doing my Sociology task and it needs full concentricity.. Oh God! Why the he** do the teachers always give us a lot of things to do?? #prayforstudents

Uhm, okay, what I’ve written here is really not important, wanna delete it but I still want YOU (if you are teacher) to understand your students’ feelings :’(


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