Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Radio -Insomnia 2011-

Hello all! *feel like an artist u-u*

Well, I have Midterm Test from 3rd of March until 10th of March. It means, within a week I have to face papers with (annoying) questions. Hell yeah!!
But now is Friday, and tomorrow is Saturday and I’m free!! (Even if I still have to study because on Monday I have 3 tests –Math, ’PKN’, Chinese-, but who cares? :p) Well, now is not time for discussing about tests!

Here I want to tell you that a short horror film from my lovely class MessierGalaxi has been finished! The title is RADIO. The crews made it laboriously, and thanks God they has finished making it! Oh yeah, this video is for Insomnia Competition 2011.

Then... How’s the story? Well, just watch it ^_^

If you like it, please vote it at:

The voting lasts on March 5th - March 11th (and voting before 5 or after 11 won't be counted), so pleaseeee vote it guys ^_^

Thank you! Kamsahamnida! Xie xie! Arigatou gozaimasu!


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